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Lecture 4

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Andrew Lesk

May 24, 2012 Paternity - Echoes the past… theoretical concepts to move beyond current possibilities…. - Chicago’s world fair… symmetry near perfect but not perfect. - James and father visits there… (Where he gets abandoned) he wears a night shirt… WHY? o Recalling recollection? Doesn’t mirror exactly….pg. 280-1 - Use/reuse common elements and develop concept, techniques. - Tensions between words and image in the mappings…. Ex. Pg. 117 after hit by mail truck…jimmy inherited his dad’s misogynist. But…. o The red panel….signifying Divulging, Embarrassment, anger, danger, o Jimmy is an adult but feels like a child. Depicted as a little boy. o “uh I guess” repeated letters: floating out of the speech balloon o Dialogue with the caption on the bottom of the red panel, does he say this? Or say this in his mind? Narrative speech occurs at the top and in the fact his speech is less prominent position, it is at the bottom of the panel suggesting the relative of unimportance to jimmy or his father. Authorities narrative space but its at the bottom of the panel….. Causing us to read negative or positive sense. - Graphic punctuation ex. And… but… so… conjunctions. Serve graphic punctuation. Not necessary at all. Recalls convention found in prose. Link illustrated events but don’t link other words. - Pg. 336 *cross* jimmy’s reality and fantasies. - Another form of narrations is the flashbacks pg. 149. Presented in cursive handwriting. The speech balloon deflates. Text on the tree telling us where they are.. - Pg. 150: in his childhood, imagination pictures the lake as the ocean. Condensed scene with the exhibition and lake Michigan. o Cursive writing, why isn’t it altogether? Words signify positionality. Bringing it close o the lake like the horizon. o Up in the tree looks at the book, ‘middle of the alphabet”- m… no middle letter. So where is lake Michigan… mid west… is it in the middle of us? No…. the word middle is not in the middle. Jimmy’s perception is slightly off. o ‘m’-mother. INFANCY Hair represents of motherhood, infancy, etc - Pg. 210 the whole page picture. o Reading through time, like the frank king work. o Chicago world fair.. in progress. o With progress, new ways of hiding things, what is being hidden? **detailed the question mark** new of hiding things… sense that progress makes it easier to hide things. Progress leads to loneliness. The secret of the book is pg. 362-3 **the house itself is the secret, which ends up that amy is related to jimmy.** o Secrets hidden from people, and it deals with race.** demonstrates interconnection and significance of race in US and often been denied by portion of the US. o Amy and jimmy connected and disconnected at the same time. - Composition, textual placement/absence and colour: these create complex and overlapping system of referral (double duty) - Placement, appearance, grammatical references… making things new engages expanding possibilities for text/image relationships upon the page. - Zoetrope * a toy… just like the time in the plane. Which jimmy is in the plane. o It emphasizes themes of: narrative linearity (moving forward in time) o Narrative circularity (linearity abandoned)- robot is going nowhere.. going around and around o Two and three dimensionality: you can actually cut it out. but why? You lose the instructions on the back side of the page. o Interruption of sequences o It is the thing itself: you have a zoetrope..even if you construct it in your mind. 2d and imagine it 3d o Leads to character-reader identification: o W can do what jimmy does: engaged in the same thing that jimmy does. - You have to navigate (text/image) through space and through time. - Constraint upon the story… is jimmy going to end up where he started? Totally up to the reader. - Is this like the book? Will jimmy break free? - Questions: how does narrative architecture tell the story? - Corrigenda: exposition o Main body of work especially that which explicates a main theme or introduces a fundamental motif. o Loneliness. Moving forward… but at the ex, he is abandoned. Thus begins the cycle of abandonment/loneliness o Picture of Chicago world fair. - So literal architecture (Chicago world fair) is the metaphorical architecture (theme of the book)- progress and loneliness. And narrative architecture of the book’s drawing. - Space and time*use of the doll… in order to appreciate comic, you have to imagine like the zoetrope that it does exist in 3d. - Chris Ware: stand back, maybe you see something different. A structure, turn around in your mind to see all side at once. Because in real life, you need time and space to reveal everything (in 3d) so book concern passing of TIME> 3d suggest that even if construct in imagination, possibility of altering flow of linear narrative time scene. - Sequence of events.. the chronology of the story: a then B then C…. - The order of events being narrated. Ex. M,b,c,r,t,d.. these may have little or nothing in common. - Linear narrative… but for jimmy Corrigan its not the same. - And so we say that most narratives have some fairly complicated relationship between two kinds of sequentiality: the sequence of events happening and the order in which they are narrated. (chronology) and
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