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Jimmy Corrigan

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Andrew Lesk

ENG235 GRAPHIC NOVELS – Jimmy Corrigan Ware’s Elements  Writing  Drawing  Painting  Typography  Theatre  Architecture – both 2D and 3D (Tijuana Bible) Jimmy  William, James, Jim, Jimmy (4 generations) – don’t get confused  A polyphone of space-time hallucinations  And emotional associations  Centering on loneliness -  And the birth of the modern world – increasingly lonely world Tuesday, September 4, 2011  Borrower: the borrower re/uses signs/designs to create something new, usually by trial and error  Engineer: the engineer deals in theoretical concepts to move beyond current possibilities  Pages 280-1 o 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition o Jimmy went to the Ex with his father o The cursive handwriting o Red-headed girl – “I saw her” “maybe I didn’t see her” – goes from certainty to uncertainty o James is wearing a nightdress o Looks very symmetrical – except for the circle and the drawings  Why doesn’t he make it perfectly symmetrical?  Maybe its remembrance vs reality o Imperfect symmetry = imperfect memory of James  Tensions between word and image in the pages  Page 117 – Jimmy at the medical clinic with his father ENG235 GRAPHIC NOVELS – Jimmy Corrigan o “Uh I Guess” – the text at the bottom is what he really wanted to say, but he just ended up saying “uh I guess” o Red background – maybe it symbolizes rage for his dad o Maybe he’s saying it under his breath “I guess just that it was weird” Graphic punctuation  “AND” “THUS” “BUT” “PLUS” “HENCE” “SUDDENLY” Page 149  Grandma dies  Young James is in a locust tree Page 150  “to the OCEAN” – there is no ocean in Chicago, James is seeing Lake Michigan o James’ imagination  “Middle” – the M  But “In the Middle” is not in the middle of the page  He finds a hair in the M-section of the dictionary – probably the hair of his mother o M for mother  “in fancy” – infancy – because James didn’t know his mother  The hair symbolizes the umbilical cord Page 210  The house – before and after  “Fortunately”  James and the Italian kid and the redhead girl  Question mark in the picture – the places where James is Page 362-3  James and Amy are related through blood  Composition, textual placement (or absence) and colour: there create complex and overlapping systems of referral ENG235 GRAPHIC NOVELS – Jimmy Corrigan o The deliberate design of grammatical references, placement and appearance engages ever-expanding possibilities for text/image relationships upon the page  Zoetrope  Robot = Jimmy  Robot is also wearing crutches, like Jimmy  Jimmy is emotionally crippled  Like The mental acrobatics you have to do in order to put together the story of Jimmy Symbolism Peaches – sexuality – jimmy’s sexual urges – like when he’s in the scene with Peggy Page 33  Depictions of Jimmy’s dad  Eyes are blocked out o Anonymous o Eyes are the “windows to the soul”  Maybe jimmy’s dad doesn’t have a soul for leaving him and mom o Like superman’s eyes are blocked out by the mask  Superhero – somebody who doesn’t really exist – like jimmy’s father in his life  At the beginning, superman gives jimmy his mask  “you’ve got your mother’s eyes” o But jimmy doesn’t know what his father’s eyes look like o ‘maybe I can make comparisons to my mother, but I can’t to my father  The last 3 panels of the dad o 3 bright colour shirts, while other ones are dark Ps 130  Father is rambling on  Moving hands and head  Page 33 and 130 is similar – 12 slides of the father o Do they have anything in common? o Impressions of the dad that Jimmy ha
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