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University of Toronto St. George
Andrew Lesk

September 20, 2011  Frank Miller o Twilight Zone, Weird War Tales, Daredevil, Lone Wolf and Cub, Wolverine, Ronin  Batman o Batman is the ultimate ninja – doesn’t have superpowers but has utilities and stuff o First Batman comic – from “Detective Comics” – Batman killed people o 1940 – solo Batman issue, Robin appears “Batman and Robin” o “World’s Finest Comics” – Superman, Robin, and Batman together o Bruce’s parents die, so he becomes Batman to punish all criminals o Antagonists – Joker, Catwoman o Batman kills no more, doesn’t use guns – portrayed as a respectable citizen now o Batman tv show raised popularity o Batgirl was introduced, Alfred became the butler  Colour revolution o 1930-1980’s o Before this it was only 4 coloured comics – CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) o Miller brings more colour by combining these colour to make new colours  The Dark Knight Returns o Bruce Wayne o Death of 2 Robin o Lola – downplays situations o Bruce in bed seems like a cage, and comic panels o Page 15 panel 12, page 17 panel 12 – Harvey and Bruce, face split in half o Batman is the resolution of Bruce’s split Ubermensch  An ideal superior man conceived by Nietzsche as being evolved from the normal human type, loosely, a man of extraordinary power of ability; a superior being o Man should replace God o Man should rely on his/her own values o So who can we rely on? The ubermensch o Values: selflessness, willing to work towards the greater good, justice, “moral” code Vigilante/superhero  Justice, morality, politics  The difference between Superman and Batman  In society, who decides what is “just”? o The legislature – they decide through us and society  “but who will watch the Watchmen?” o Corrupt world o If the people up there (legislature) is corrupt, who will watch over the people below them? o Throughout the book Watchmen, you don’t see the whole “who watches the Watchmen” phrase o Reagan watches over us, but who watches Reagan? Us o “Reagan’s Raiders” comic  Reagan as a superhero  [Pg 119]  Reagan – “ahem” panel o “God on our side, or the next best thing anyway” – he’s talking about Superman  What does a “traditional” hero do? (think of superman in the 40s) o Stops crime – justice system o Saves people o Truth, justice, and the American way o Ep
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