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Lecture 5

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Mike Johnstone

July 22 , Lecture 5, ENG237H1 Essay Preparation 6-8 pages, double-spaced; MLA style (format, quotation and citation, notes, Works Cited; do not use a title page); you may use secondary critical/ scholarly sources Select one of the essay topics provided in the Assignments & Grades section of the Syllabus - You must choose from the texts listed for a topic (if you write on a text not listed for a topic, your essay will receive a grade no higher than a 50) - Essays discussing two short stories must be comparative - Your selected topic should be made clear in your essay: i.e., as part of the essay’s title; or, established in the opening sentence(s) of yoru introductory paragraph; or, incorporated into your thesis. (View slides for further preparation ) Essay Structure Author- by- Author Introduction Author A - Point 1 - Point 2 - Point 3 Author B - Point 1 - Point 2 - Point 3 Conclusion MUST COMPARE THE TEXT. CONNECT. Point- by- Point Introduction Point 1 - Author A - Author B Point 2 - Author A - Author B Point 3 - Author A - Author B Conclusion Comparing Texts In a comparative essay, you need a viable principle or basis of comparison: - Establish a problem, issue, subject, or question that connects your texts in some way: - To be viable, the connection must afford a clear and reasonable grounds of comparison (i.e., two radically contrasting or unrelated things leave little room for comparison proper). The process of comparison (for similarities and/or differences) is evaluative and analytical: - Essentially, put your texts in dialogue (even debate) with each other - I.e., while two texts might be concerned about a similar issue, such as women’s gender roles, does one do so more realistically and thus reveal the limitations or even misconceptions of the other? - More examples on slides. Forms of Response to the “End of the World” We have on one hand science, and the other religion. Science is practical and imperialist solution they are facing. With religion, turns Spin into manifestation of God’s will. Everything that the character does is affected. Stars going out, from that moment on Spin affects everything that the characters do, what they say and where they go. One crucial significance is the end of the world. Consequences is living with the knowledge of inescapable end point. Different from Androids Dream of Electric Sheep because already end of world has happened. The wide response to Spin remain tangential, only when Tyler decides to mention or focus upon it, or realize that he needs to pay attention to it. Glimpses through Tyler, world that goes through society breakdown, political, psychological, emotional. Becomes dystopian in many ways. “What is it you want to buy, Moll?” “What do I want to buy? The only important thing anybody can buy. A better death. A cleaner, better death. … And when that last morning arrives… I want to go to sleep before the screaming starts… thank you for making it possible.” (268) Molly basically betrays by giving away the secret. Tyler catches her just as she is about to escape. Reveals her motives with how she chooses and wants to choose to meet the end of the world. How this is different from Diane, new kingdom movement. Passive? Active way of trying to make sense of Spin and dealing with it philosophically. Molly is to try to get away, not to experience violence and pain. Wants to be comatose, asleep. Psychological despair. Desire to be a cleaner death. Escape. As really indicative of despair and lost of hope. Wider mood of the world through a character such as Molly. “E.D. had accursed my generation of Spin paralysis, and maybe that was true… It tainted every pleasure and it made even our best and bravest gesture seem tentative and timid.” (311) Consciousness of the imminent of the end, affects. State of mind becomes affected by Spin. Tyler meets with E.D. Accuses of “Spin paralysis”. Empathy crucial in Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Is having a sense of future crucial for us as humans? Tyler watches pre-Spin to see faces without face. Knowing that you have a future makes you aware, no moral anchor. Why children? To better the future. ED made money. End of human race. Immortality is that you will have someone to remember you by. “Many people behaved badly in what they believed to be their final hours. It was as if the flickers had been merely a rehearsal for this less arguable doom… And so we broke windows and took what appealed to us, any trinket life had denied us; men attempted to rape women… The suicides were legion… But there were islands of civility and acts of heroic kindness, too…” (360-61) Crucial. Notion of civilization. What keeps humanity from turning against itself. Civilization crumbles and break down. License to do so. Constraints and restraints. Invest in an ideal civilization. Establishes
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