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Monday, Jan 10th

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Mike Johnstone

Science Fiction Monday, January 17 11h Practice quiz up on blackboard Identity: samesmaeness -The quality of condition of being the same in substance, composition, nature, properties, or in particular qualities under consideration; absolute or essential sameness; oneness. -The sameness of a person or thing at all times or in all circumstances; the condition or fact that a person or thing is itself and not something else; individuality, personality. Psychological, emotional Biological, physiological Cultural Social Economic Political Environmental, geographical Identify a TOPIC Define the SCOPE (narrow topics) Gather EVIDENCE and look for patterns Make a preliminary INTERPRETATION Ask questions to challenge your initial reaction. Define the Scope: Scope- the specific parts of the topic you will discuss -establish the claims that you can realistically make given the evidence available and any time or space restrictions -focus on specific, concrete details -focus on explaining the significance of those details in a passage, a series of related passages, a scene, a chapter, etc.. and within the text as a whole. Review your topic, evidence, and preliminary interpretation. What ultimately is the significance and relevance of your analysis? What does it say about your topic and your evidence?
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