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Mike Johnstone

ENG237Science Fiction LECTURE 2 Contd from last weeksRachel Swirskys Eros Philia Agape y Difference in SF is signalled by o SettingIe Space a future or alternate Earth another planet a spaceship alien environments and cultures a technologically highly advanced society etc o CharactersIe Robots machines Als aliens transhumansposthumans cyborgs etc y Subjectivities SF explores presents and challenges us with a variety of other subject positionsIe Perspectives identities individualities consciousnesses selves etc y There are clues in the story that tell us that its an SF story y The challenge of reading SF is to be aware of how language is manipulated in some ways y Theres no ShangriLa for rebel ROBOTStells us that its SF y Even before we know Lucian is a robot some language in the text gives us clues that its a SF story o Hed COME TO Adriana as opposed to they met or was introducedits like hes owned by Adriana o Hed SURRENDERED the ability to speak y One we learn that Lu is a robot the SF language is more noticeable o Lucians SCUPTED FACE his skin INLAID with tiny lines o His eyes CALIBRATED o The language here confirms that Lu is a robot y Lucian has been manufactured to imitatemimic a human like a work of art y Immediatelocal setting o Adrianas house for Adriana Lucian and RoseThe house puffed her scentthe house will clean upinstructed the house to regulate himselflet the security system take a DNA sample from her hair o The house itself is full of technology that we dont have todaySF story y Wider background setting of the future o The Pacific Ocean San Francisco a farm Italy Rome Tuscany Mazatlan the desert Bosto o bullet train robotics company programmed the car memory crystal o Fuoco as a designer species y Focalizationin a narrative poetry or prose the perspective through which events are viewedperceived o Lucian is sometimes the POV y Focalizerthe specific character through whom events are viewedperceived note that the narrator is not necessarily always the focalizer in a narrative also note that a narrative might switch between several different focalizers o In a story the narrator is not always the Focalizer o Lucian is a FocalizerSignificancewhen were in someones POVthoughts we identify and connect with the character but hes a robot so how do we connect with a nonhuman being o He has his own sense of selfhe makes mistakes on purpose because he knows it makes Adriana laugh y Lucian as a robot with consciousness and subjectivity
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