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A Wizard of Earthsea Lecture

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Daniel Justice

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th Sept 29 Lecture # 3- A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin - born 1929 -raised and grew up around a famous line of anthropologists, raised with scholars who express cultures that have both beauty and ugliness about them and thats where most of her ideas came from -award winning since 1961 -heavily influenced by Taoism and Indigenous American cultures - one of the most compelling voices in epic fantasy Themes to Consider The powers of names and naming -No one knows a mans true name pg 71 - the name is apart of you, no one else uses it, if someone else uses it they can control you -the old speech is the language of creation and unmaking, you could do anything with that power -If you are a stranger to old speech, its unusable -Naming bonds people together, when you share it with people you show loyalty to that person -Its connected to your absolute truth -You have to know the t
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