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Moonheart Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Daniel Justice

Lecture # 4 Oct 6 - Worlds Alongside Our Own Moonheart = one of the most influential contemporary urban fantasy novels; he moved to a much grittier fantasy that reaches out to our world TERMS!! Contemporary Fantasy: Sets the mundane (the world we recognize) of the present day in the opposition to the fantasy premise, the mundane everyday of everyday life is put into contrast against the fantastic; set in the current age and when the fantastic appears, its a radical rapture of the normal and here is when some horror elements come in; doesnt have to be set in the city - A dichotomy of values is established and in the course of the story the attempt is generally made to reconcile the mundane and the marvellous experienced through characters; the character can remain troubled because its not easy to follow this certain world wherever they are taken e.g. Sara is dragged into an adventure she didnt anticipate and shes the main one who we follow and its not easy for her Urban Fantasy: stories in which fantasy and the mundane world intersect and interweave throughout a tale which is significantly about a real city; main difference is that the setting in the CITY - The specificity of urban geography architecture and culture is important; the city itself is both setting and in some measure, character and its particular features ad dramas are highlighted in this fantasy mode; set in a placecity thats recognizable and this creates a different sense of the fantastic and the
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