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Troll: A Love Story lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Daniel Justice

Lecture # 6 Troll: A Love StoryStrange Love: Crossing the Limits of the Human Themes and Topics of Consider Others and Othering - The Other -The other inside me o The Other is that which are categorically not us and our identity depends on seeing them as alien to us. Its like that for whatever reason, either by appearance, biology, behaviour, culture or belief; this can be a natural observation of different, but most often accompanies an assignment of value and substantial significant to that difference o Othering is the act of defining oneself positively against the absolute and inferior difference of a defined other. Such binaries are always attended by anxieties, as these definitions are unstable and in constant flux, as the categories of definition are generally arbitrary and subjective. o The problem of othering is that its always accompanied by anxiety e.g. racism: to look at someone from a different background and to see that as inferior, you have to create conditions to view them that way. Destabilizing occurs. o These novels force us to question what we know as normal and what personhood actually is. o The categories are subjective, they arent deeply reasoned responses e.g. social prejudice the categories are alien, deficient and different o Racism, colonialism, sexism, specisism, homophobia, trans phobia and other forms of circulent social prejudice are examples o Othering is about more than just being different: its about determining your own positive value through a rejection of the Others negative and absolute difference. Its an alienation and distancing act thats deeply invested in ones personal anxieties of self and identity. o Aside from one another, the most significant relationship humans have with others is with animals, both wild and domesticated and particularly with other predatory mammals. o Anxiety comes from both difference and from shared qualities such as family structures, behaviours and physical responses. E.g. screams of pan and aggression, bleeding, suffering, dying pessi becomes something entirely different by the end bc of the narrow gap among us
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