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University of Toronto St. George
Daniel Justice

Comic fear or the Universe hates you and wants to kill you HP LOVECRAFT y 18901937died of stomach cancer y Spent most of his life in Providence Rhode Island last son of a once wealthy New England Family y Self educated antiquarian poet writer amateur scientist amateur journalist y Loved history and its effect y Loved science especially astronomy y Prolife correspondent thousands of letters to hundreds of friends acquaintances newspapers etc LOVECRAFT WORLD y Racist early on very much a whiteAnglo supremacist resentful of demographic and cultural changes brought by immigration y As he grew older he moderated his views to some degree though never fully charged his fundamental belief in Anglo superiority y Married to Sonia Greene for two years LOVECRAFT WORLDVIEW y Lovecraft was a man of two worlds the aristocratic literary and antiquarian delights of theighteenth century England and the hard materialism of early 20 Century science y His early work is very much shaped by Georgian poetics and literary principles later his prose is more spare and less flowery LOVECRAFT PHILOSOPHY y Lovecraft was an unyielding scientific mechanist materialist His overwhelming focus in life and literature was what he called cosmic indifferentism whereby the universe operates by natural and unemotional mechanism within which humans are very simply an inconsequential and insignificant component y The great Old ones of his fiction are titanic cosmic entities who are not interested either in CTHULHU MYTHOS LOVECRAFT MYTHOSYOGSOTHOTH CYCLE OF MYTH
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