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waiting for nothing

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Kenneth Lam

2010 World of Discourse and power relationship Waiting is an awareness of being brought on by an absence of doing—it’s unbearableage of depression after age of anxiety We used to belive ‘essence ‘ or the ‘soul’ preceded existence We used to belive that the purpose of existence was to discover the worth of the ‘essece’ the soul The events obliterate(destroy) this notion of ‘essential goodness’ ’essence’ was henceforth (from now on) seen as retrospective(reviewing past) myth of origin, set up to bestow (give ) a fictional(untrue statement) coherency on the otherwise debilitating(weakening) randomness of experience Why this transition is happening? --because science and technology become the twin myths of origin in our time and they exert a constant influence on current reality, and plans for the future --how they exert such influence?—they ( science and technology) appear to be sth that sets upa way to ‘pregress’ into the future. --technology is not really about gadgets, it si away of thinking that can only view the surrounding as a recource to be used up in order to become ‘productive’ and hence humanity( essence) becomes just another resource to be broken down and processed Try to explain this light of formulation by addressing the three quotes from the three plays , Godot: ‘we got rid of them’ Balcony: my being a judge is an emanation of your being a thief; you’d deprive me of being Miguel street: there is no ball, and bolo got depressed Symbol, fantasy, and reality. Agency- 2009 1 in the context of divine judgement and certitude, 1. we had an essence—ie, the soul 2. the purpose of existence is to learn of it( the essence, ) to honor it , and to become worthy of it 2 then the crisis arrives in the divine view of the world, the sould and the essence it represents 1. --we are left only with existence, 2. So we build up mth of our essence, a myth of our origin. And allow others to do so for usin order to have something to live by and to live for—at least to free ourselves from the anxiety 3. Anything can be made to look like a myth of orgin—especially the blind worship of technological advances and national politics based on different notions of racial or religious purity. 4. hence, ‘meaning’ itself is supect. It is no longer hwat things mean, but how they mean that interest artists a. hence, artists show us that power depends on manipulating myths of origin in such a way people submit to power ystem as ‘inevitable’ and as ‘just the way things are’ b. GOdot:ask us examine what you are witing for and why you are wait ing for this c. Genet: ask us what are you fantasizing about and how does it shape your reality d. Miguel street: asks have you interinvalize what oppress you as evidence of your own faiure . 5. The coomon denominator for all three is : how we have displaced the problem of being into various ways of doing? 2008 Devastation of WWII is made possible through a modern application of scientific knowledge and technology. In the aftermath of thw ar, this precipitated crisis regarding belief in the ‘presumed essnese’ of : subjectivity, meaning , knowledge, truth or values. There used to be an assumption of ‘essense’ from which existence preceded to develp itself. ( ie your essence is the base or the source of your existence, and your existence is to experience and to disocer your essence. So you should first have and find and know your essence, and then you have and experience your existence. But WWII reversed this dynamic, and we are now first thrown into existence without knowing what’s your essence, surrounded by symbolic system(power, the hegemonic discourses) not of our own making ( not our own language, relition, or law—ie the hegemonic discourse), so you get lost and don’t know what’s the point of doing, cause what you do has no effect on others—henceforth, age of depression and you need to have actions to prevent estrangement ---actions that will help you find what you lack in the first place—your essence. And because you are too depressed an in eager to find your essence, and you have so many symbols ( fantasies about essence) around you—you start to invent myths to fantasize that you already find your essence. These myths( the symbols, the hegemonic discourse) are misrecognized as our essence thus stabilizing our subjectivity and giving an apparent legitimacy and purpose to our experience and decisions --so you experience the symbolic system(hegemonic discourse) not of your own makingyou take action to try to find your essence, but got estrangement, cause you don’t have agency(effect on others)you got age of depressionhow to find your essence in the fastest way?-->fantasized you already find your essence, which is misrecognized as myths and symbol and power. Stabilize your subjectivity and a given legitimacy( pre-determined rule, which is maintained as a relationship—signifier and signified), and your purpose to your experience and decision ( the purpose of this is based on this fantasized essence, which is just to pursue the power, the symbol, to fill in the position, which you find yourself positioned to others). Meaning is seen to be an effect of relationship, and power is seen as an effect of how we find ourselves positioned relative o others, and reality itself is seen to be only one possible version of reality, which benefit somepeople at the expense of others Bolo – --his action is to search for ball( the symbol, the existence) in order to find his essence, but the existence actually didn’t exist (so this is his fantasy). --spent 300 dollars worth of newspaper insearch of ‘missing ball’ this action symbolize his search for existence, which prevents him from getting lost—at least he has something to do , just like waiting for Godot to come --When reality shows that this symbol never exist(his fantasy failed) , it reveals that he couldn’t find his essence, so his action has no effect, so shifted from hope to despair, and hence he got depressed and then even more despaired. He beat up the sub-editor because his belief no longer existed—how can he live in a world full of illusion and lies? If he finds the missing ball, then he knows what’s missing in his life, but when he was told there is no ball, he realized the stable society never actually exist: everyone is lying, this is what happened after WWII fin
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