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University of Toronto St. George
Alan Ackerman

ENG250 – Feb 25/13 Goodbye Columbus - Philadelphia story - Comedy of remarriage – trying to get them back together. Pursuit of happiness. Requires conversation – central theme. - Movie – about crossroads. Shakespearean comedy. Time has stopped as characters watches stop. Also a comedy that leads us to reflect the idea of appetite of pleasure of joy, something that is not prominent in ben franklin. Here characters don’t regard morality as separate from pleasure. Happiness and pleasure can go together with a moral way of being. - Dexter – thirst. Tracy divorced him bc of his alcoholism. He cures from it from reading an absorptionist art. - Purity – extends to dexter’s accusations. She is hanging onto her viriginity. - They are not just together bc they grew up together, but they chose to get back together. In the 17 c, Milton says convent of marriage is a mini of commonwealth, owe the common wealth participation w/cheerful convo. - Whether America has achieved a more perfect union, human being, a new birth of freedom, successful in pursuit of happiness… - Awakening in the end; tracy has her eyes open in the end. The movie dramatizes whether America will produce and recognize a natural aristocracy. - Title; gesture in founding ideas of American society almost quoting a perfect union. Opening credits of images of liberty bell (its imperfect; cracked – symbol of American revolution period). - How do marriages stand for the larger culture? E.g. Martha ad George…(Washington). - Pre WWII moment – just begun in europe . 1939 division of Poland. 1941 america entered war. Moving to cold war period/post war – diff landscape and a kind of lit that’s often taught in separate category; ethnic literature. Ethnicity= Members identify with eachother through a common heritage e.g. language, culture, religion, and/or ideology. Concept differs from race. Race refers to groupings presumed to be based on biology. Ethnicity encompasses cultural factors. Both categories involved dividing groups bw us and them, old and new. - Black boy who visits in library, suggest neil dark complexion could be mistaken as a negro even though he isn’t. not really mistaken as black. - Concept of race as outlined in US census, race is not scientific or anthropological. It takes into account social and cultural characteristics as well as ancestory. - No single type of American. Not defined by language, place of origin, or bio factors. So how do you become one? Not something inherited so much as something to be achieved. Americans decedent from immigrants. - American referred to aboriginal ppls prior. - Decent vs consent. Marriage, love,romance is emphasized in American culture. - Anti -parental love + free choice. - Brenda has a passion for winning. Goodbye columbus - Ross ethnic is characterized by pleasure - Satire – ridiculous, aims to correct the follies of his age. What does roth satirize? The assimilation of a nouveau riche jewish fam as framed by their interactions with daughter’s latest bf who is a librarian. - Confuse protagonist with author. complicates national picture. - Title goodbye Columbus – satirizing materialism - Neil is intelligent. Falls in love with Brenda. Explores class prejudice. And issue of assimiliation. - Title; saying goodbye to things – loss. Of frontier, pastural world. - Pov – restricted. Neil is narrator and protagonist. St
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