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Tony Fong

ENG250Y1 – LECTURE NOTES ENG250Y1 September 9, 2013 The American Epic:  American dream = reaching full potential, earn by merit  the possibility of starting fresh, succeed  associated with the middle-class  "it is more difficult now than in the past for many people to achieve middle-class status because prices for certain key goods have gone up faster than income"  American dream might be slipping  the term is constantly changing  the dream is slivery, its slippery as a term, how is it defined?  Adams believed that Americans were becoming conformists  "there is no use in accusing America of being Babbitt Warren. The top and bottom are spirituality..." 380  Babbit and main are based on novels; stress the idea of small towns, suburbs  geography is linked to freedom and a lack of  "it is not a dream of motor cars and high wages..." 374  Adams sees social determinants as negative, arbitrary  relates to the Declaration of Independence  Adams says that the dream is not based in numbers, quantitive qualities, it’s based on aggregate men and women But what does "better" and "richer" and "fuller" mean?  the main meaning of "richer" is now associated to wealth now  the three words above provides a greater definition of the American dream at the same time giving it ambiguity  the vagueness of the term gives it its political force, used to justify colonia
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