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Second American Lit Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Alan Ackerman

• The relevance of misrepresentations of Pocahontas, for example age and skin tone • Relevance of romantic love, and her opting to choose against her parents wishes and making her own choices in romantic love • Reasons Franklin was an american before there was a USA, born in Boston, representative to the english government, was related to all the colonies, other colonists saw their colonies as independent states • Still a loyal british subject • What are the differences between being an american and being a brit • Benjamin Franklin a decendent of the puritans • ancestors were not only leaving for religion, but in search for material gains • the nature of some people being rich there and in the new world • compatibility of diversity, the importance of brotherhood and unity • individualism versus community • Franklin was interested in the benefits of both America, and Britain • interested in making money but not a central focus • Why is it important to be a man of words, and media and print, of self invention? • representative america becomes self discovery • incredibly important scientific discoveries • motif of running away from home, comparison to huck finn and gats • three time frames that are relevant to the piece • progression, comparison to the pilgrim's progress • from puritainism to enlightenment • notable exclusion of the death of his son, no mention of affair or that he's a bastard child • many called him shallow, but he was deeply affected by the death of his son by smallpox • his story written to his son, when they hadn't spoken for 7 years • a reminder of where his son had come from, as he was a poor run away when young • seeing himself through the eyes of another, page 25 • giving bread rolls to a woman and child, symbol of charity • pretense of being unpretentious, literary style pretending not to be a style at all • self deprecation about his younger self in philadelphia just barely cloaks his pride in his rise at the time that he is writing • alertness of rhetoric • constant self reinvention • would carry paper through the streets to appear industrious • Virtues and values of the middle class • Interest in self betterment, diets etc • imagines a new ruling class, including himself, interest in an information revolution • sought to serve his country
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