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Sound and the Fury

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University of Toronto St. George
Alan Ackerman

February 2 nd The Sound and the Fury • Reconstructing memories, grappling (in benjy’s class, often literally) with the past • Trauma o Quentin’s mind neurotically returns over and over again to thoughts of trauma • Memories o How characters remember differently o How characters narrate differently Each has their own style, each style represents different ways of remembering • Quentin’s suicide o Diving into something reflective (indicative of his narcissism) o Something fluid (reflective of his concepts of time?) • Faulkner; we can’t live with memory (remembering everything) can’t live without (remembering nothing) o Have to organize consciousness in the present; Quentin’s problem is that he cannot • “When the shadow of the sash…all your breath trying to conquer it.” – pg 76 o Future tense Prediction o Compson family once ruled Mississippi; now the head of the family is Jason, a loser, a reducto absurdum Family itself has decayed; kind of social microcosm, standing for the South, the United States of America; a book about degeneration o How is a watch a mausoleum of all hope and desire? All your hopes and desires are dead and burned “Grandiloquent “
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