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Alan Ackerman

ENG250October 31Kristen Young Review on BartlebyCant make Bartleby into a representative because hes unwillingThe narrator tries to make him representative of humanity transforms Bartlebys strangeness into a common place thing o Takes away from the obscurity of the tale Emily DickinsonFirst woman author first female voiceWants to contrasts her poems with Walt Whitman o They stand for the peaks of great American poetry even though they are so differentDickinsons 288 seems to speak directly to Whitmans Song of MyselfHer figure of speech with the use of the word nobody puts the author outside the public sphere o Her poems werent really published during her lifetime most were after and those that were published during her time were published anonymously or changed by the publisherImmediately with the opening line she constructs an intimacy with the readerTells of the speaker meeting a fellow nobody and their shared anonymity Happy about this other nobodyGives the audience a chance to be in cahoots with her unites herself with the reader and is thrilled about itThe tone of the poem changes in the second stanza the speaker is confidentBe careful about the distinction between the poetauthor and the speakernarratorMakes a strange comparison in the second stanza somebody is like a frog o Have to let the weirdness of the lines sink in to you o Shows the oppression of the crowd of somebodiesThe speaker would
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