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Alan Ackerman

ENG250November 21Kristen YoungThe book questions the idea of authority itself through the relation between the author and the ultimate authorityThere is a difference between Twains voice and Hucks voiceThe book is an attack on racism through Huck o Continually laughs at the insanity of menThe fact that Huck can still classify a whole group of people as nigger is troubling to us o We can mentally apologize for Huck but we shouldnt reallyThe world of Huck Finn is defined by the lack of morality of humanityThe plot of the book is about some people putting other people into bondageThe broad sarcasm of the book is about life in general o Funny and violent at the same time o Consumes all classes within societyThough hes a representative of this world Huck is a very objective and detailed observerHuck is supposedly a demonstration of an innocent voice o A kind of nostalgic ideal o Represents the child in each of us that we want to protect from ourselves o Want to imagine him as someone innocent who doesnt have all the baggage that adults doThe paradox of innocence and violence working together is something that people attribute to the American culture o Think of Enders Game how Ender is the pseudoinnocent figure and yet he is violent because he kills two people and all the buggersHucks character does not develop at all during the novel o He still has the same characteristics at the beginning as at the endThe shift in culture from the Scarlett Letter to Huck Finn mimics America o
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