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Alan Ackerman

ENG250November 28Kristen YoungBasic question of real vs ideal within language is a commonality between Twain and WhartonVision is a loaded metaphor or theme in the bookReading is another theme o The character dont seem to be good or avid readers and yet there is an abundance of things to read in the bookThere is a relation between the public and the private within the novel as well o What is the publics business and what is the difference between letters and newspapers o The letters of the adulterous love affair wrapped up in the writings of the public worldLilys seal Beyond is stamped on her stationary with the image of a flying ship o World of real vs ideal material vs dreams o Think about the idea of getting beyondNot jus tin house of mirth but in huck finn as wellThere is a quest for a space of freedom beyond the degraded reality of the presentTrenor is the embodiment of the material worldThere is larger cultural significance in Lilys narrative o Who is the real Lily What does her story stand for o What is her storycentral theme in the novelWe give shape to our lives through stories that give our lives shape o Everything is mediated by the consciousness of the author o How we give shape to stories depend on the beginning and the end as well as the structure of the middleInterpretation therefore is a large part of this book because it is also what a
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