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Alan Ackerman

ENG250January 9Kristen YoungThe significance and portrayal of the female figures as well as time going forward but looking back become central to the courseVision itself becomes important as well what does it mean to see How is vision historically conditioned Significance of the Frontier in American HistoryTurnerThere are many references to getting away from civilization and moving into the Indian territoriesHuck Finn is set in the 1830s and that was a time of the opening up of the frontier but its written in the 1880sThe essay starts with the census of 1890s and states that in 1880s the frontier is officially closedHave to think about what happens in the time between these two and how the novels written after reflect back to this time of the frontierMythic stories were used to describe why America developed the way that it did o Dream melded with fact and explain what is exceptional about America what makes America differentThe myth of the frontier is explained in the speech turned essay turned first chapter in a bookThe frontier is what makes America and its institutions special and exceptionalJuly 12 1893World Columbia Expo in Chicago where Turner delivered his speechSays that the frontier line has all but disappeared and signified the closing of the frontier and the closing of an epic of American historyThe conq
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