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Alan Ackerman

ENG250January 16Kristen Young IntroductionReview and Presentation of Connecting IdeasHow we see things is shaped by our technological advances Vision is a metaphor even going back to the Greeks o Seeing has always been connected to knowing o How you add significance to the things you see is importantIn the novels so far with specific emphasis on the Great Gatsby the Lost Lady and Huck Finn vision is connected to perspectiveEven in Cather there is a third person narrative voice that is attached to a person Neil and that person gives us a glimpse into what we should find important as well as what we should find important in the life and series of events that are describedThere are a lot of connections between Lost Lady and Gatsby o There is the metaphor of falling and why it is important o Presents the question of when other characters fallsSort of like a fall from innocence o Marian Forrester is important because there isnt ever really a time when she hasnt fallen She has earned her reputation by being a fallen woman she was never really innocent in the first place Yet Neil sees her as a being who was innocent at first and that slowly even before the death of Mr Forrester but definitely after his death she falls from innocence with her prolonged association with Ivy Peters and the industrialisation of the frontier that is taking place The scene with the woodpecker that Ivy Peters blinds is elemental to the booko The bird being female gives it a connection to Marian which is an emphasis on all things feminine being an aspect that isnt necessarily handled properly by everyone There is the implication that though the bird ie Mrs Forrester is captured by Peters with the hopes that good things will come exactly the opposite happens because Peters takes care of neither one He actually leads to the destruction of both At least in the eyes of Neil The woodpecker also has a connection to Neil because he puts so much importance in its life and feelings and tries to put it out of its misery after it is pulled into the web the Ivy creates There is also the implication that Neil is trying to take care of Mrs Forrester and put her out of her misery so to speak in the same way However this ends up being a horrible endeavour for him both times With the bird he falls out of the tree and breaks his arm during his attempt to save it With Mrs Forrester he becomes frustrated and eventually gives up trying to save her because in his eyes she has dug herself into a hole that she wont be able to escapeo One of the basic aspects of Neils impulse is to reverse the violence done to the birdThis is part of his character throughout the novel he wants to do these things to MarianThis presents a connection between Neil and Gatsby because Gatsby also has the impulse to go back to what was before and reverse the effects of time o The movement from nature into culture the tree to the house that Neil takes after falling out of the tree in his attempts to save the woodpecker is symbolicIn the sense that nature is a cultural artifact it is not necessarily a concept that is opposed to culture so then what is the relation between the two Are they opposing or not o The connection between Neil the Woodpecker blindness woundingIn what ways are they both blinded How is Neil blind What is he blind to How does he enact a wilful blindness in the rest of the novel He wants to see like Gatsby only things that conform to his blindnessAll of us have blind spots not necessarily physical ones how do the novels show and emphasize this fact Un Chien Andalou 1929How are films like dreams
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