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Alan Ackerman

ENG250January 23Kristen Young Continuing the Great GatsbyExperience of time is important o The temporal experience when viewing and interpreting art is important o The differences between literature and art is basically the same in terms of the temporal experience of the readerviewerThere was a notion of history as progress that was elementalThe idea of erasure and the erasing of obscenity from the book o Interesting to think about why and what was censored by the narrator o While Nick can wipe away the graffiti he cant wipe away time o Gatsby cant fix time either it is one thing that goes on regardless of whether and how they want it to go onThe time pieces that are broken or nearly broken in both the Great Gatsby and Sound and Fury is important because it is an image of the temporal zones that are present and elemental in the novelsThink about the references to time and the pace of time within the novel What is it to impose an idea a fantasy on something that is perishable because it means that at some point it will fadeThroughout the story the dream of Daisy is sort of like a neverending quest once he actually gets it the reality cant live up to the dreamNick is almost suggesting that we all should be like Gatsby its kind of a selfnarration of what he did last summerThen I becomes we How is it that the reader has now become a part of the novel o This is a tool that Fitzgerald uses to embody all Americans and let us know that we are the embodiment of the dreammyth of America In a sense we should all be like Gatsby and believe in the American dream even if we dont know that its going to be fulfilledDespite the fact that the myth of American is a fantasy that is built on violence and leads to corruption as well as the fact that it is already in the past there is still something great about it that makes Americans yearn to fulfill it Fitzgerald both laments and praises the idea of the American dream and the idea that all Americans are trying to achieve They cant cast it aside although it is in the past and no longer be truly fulfilled they still try toBasic technological changes have affected the way that people thing about time and the temporal spaceClocks were a 19th century additionThe railroad was another development that greatly changed how people thought about time o First instituted standard time because originally the clocks would have to be reset at every towncity that a railroad traveler came toIt wasnt until the 20th century that clocks were brought to the forefront1890 Oscar Wilde in the Picture of Dorian Grey contemplates private and public timeThere is a discussion between what is past and what is futureThe second hand wasnt created until 1916 Clocks didnt therefore offer a standard of time as flux What was the relation to time of people before them without seeing the seconds tick away The Sound and the FuryTime is IMPORTANTVase that he had made so that he could escape into it but he knew that he could not forever live inside itSomething that is just past articulation something that is almost there but not there at the same timeIts not only about repetition but it is also a repetitionTo understand it you will have to read the Benjy section twice Have to read the rest of the book first and then go back in order to know what the references of the section are This is a high literary novel it was made so that we would have to struggle with it to understand it
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