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Alan Ackerman

ENG250January 30Kristen Young Sound and Fury contdBenjy can be considered one of the purest members of the family but he is sort of forced into his purity as opposed to it being a choice that he makesThere are other allusions to purity as well that confuse us though For example the female Quentin is sometimes given allusions that make us think of innocence and purity but she is a promiscuous girl so its a juxtapositionWe looked at Caddy as Eve and the idea of a paradise lost when she disappears and falls from grace How does this books symbolism make us think about America as a virgin land and the family embodies how the American people have dealt with and coped with the taking of said land and ideasIt seems that Christian mythology will help us through the book near the end but the novel doesnt give us a summing up of the events Faulkner teases us with an ending The novel is arranging itself in an order that doesnt allow us to define its literaryness o In order to understand that the work of art is a work of art we cant look at it in chronological order Therefore the mumbo jumbo that is the order of the novel is a selling point for the artistCaddys absence is what generates the form of the novel The boys all speak for her and remember her voiceIt is through them that we understand her It is through the boys that we understand the female who is invisible and yet elemental to the novel and its structure The image of her going up into the tree and then disappearing is a good symbol of her falling from innocence Without Faulkner and the critics saying that this is the heart of the novel we wouldnt make the connection because it would have disappeared into the rest of the book in the same way that Caddy disappears into the tree Benjys mind constitutes the most natural and primitive kind of articulation His serenity is a different kind of speech The novel suggests that there is some kind of innocent vision by showing Benjys blue eyes Was there ever a real innocence that could have and was lost Where is the original moment of purity and innocenceThe fall paradigm isnt fully coherent with the rest of the novel It requires that the reader think about it The novel doesnt give you any answers but expects you to reach them on your own through your own interpretations The associative nature of the novel mirrors our minds and allows or should allow us you know if it made sense to make connections There is a representation of guilt that Caddy has that Quentin does not How does that fair for the interpretation of the female figure There are also a lot of repetitions that are elemental to the novel the doubling of names Quentin being a splitting image of her mother but having her uncles name Quentin SectionThe section in the middle of the Quentin section with Caddy running out of the mirror is to Ackerman the elemental point in the novel The mirror could represent Quentins narcissism her running away from him into the bellowing of BenjyIn the Quentin section the veil is both the actual veil and the funeral veil They represent barriers that dont allow him to repossess Caddy To Benjy the tree climbing and muddy drawers could mean nothing but Quentin is preoccupied with sexuality and innocence and that allows us to make inferences However no single telling of the book can get the story right since it is a book about failed attempts to tell the story The novel is about lose though the lose of Caddy Losing her is what the book grows out of It brings death into the psychological worlds of Benjy and Quentin Quentins section is confusing because it is also a flow of memories however they might not all be real memories and they overlap with each other The flow of his mind is a narrative construct Not a logical causeeffect structure but its a flow of associations There is a break with syntactic structure
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