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Alan Ackerman

ENG250January 30Kristen Young PoetryCharacterized by a transition from romantic sensibility to modern modes of poetry It a very important shift They wanted to get rid of the ornate and poetically conventional idiom of language used by the weaker poets of the romantic ageThe aspect of Frosts poetry that was most admirable for people was his use of spoken language He participated in a major development of getting rid of the ornate Victorian romantic languageWanted to revitalize their language and looked to the novel to do so In the simplicity of the language there is a turning of central conceptsFrosts most important predecessor was Wordsworth Wordsworth insisted that poetry must use the language of conversational from the middle and lower classes He praised spontaneous composition and humble rustic lifeFrost was both in and critical of the romantic traditions He doesnt get rid of technique he just approaches it in a different way He uses monosyllabic words and rhyme is used not in a structural way its just kind of there There isnt the sense that the rhyme is central to the poem He uses alliteration and assonance but it seems to be spontaneous not elemental His language provides a glide form image to image and thought to thought The effect of his poetry is colloquial It seems to be how every day conversation would flow Though Frost seems loose and shapeless there is an elemental structure in his work How do wepoets get voice through words on a page Meaning is conveyed also through intonation which isnt present when reading a poem The persona that is created to speak the words of the poem is very important The dramatic characterization allows for the creation of intonation The more you keep the romantic poets in mind the more youll be able to appreciate the language and nature of Frost Modernists in comparison to the Romantics are very pessimistic Theyve just gone through WWI and that has screwed with their ability to be optimistic and see
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