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University of Toronto St. George
Alan Ackerman

ENG250February 6Kristen Young Langston HughesOne of the innovators of Jazz Poetry during the Harlem RenaissanceHis poems were mostly conceived for public performanceThey were most likely performed with a live jazz bandWas naturalistic and sentimentalHis characters give a feeling that are implicit in the music that he bases his contemporary forms on He gives voice to ordinary people Reflects a commitment tot the democratic like Walt Whitman hadDouble consciousnessWEB DuboisNegro Speaks of Rivers is his most signature work because it was his first and the one which allowed him to gain prominenceThe Big SeaStarts with the personal moves into the political then into the history o Personal anguish has been transformed into a version of the pastof his race o Can be read as a metaphorallegory of the goal of the Harlem Renaissance o Only the knowledge of death can bring life Whitman therefore Hughes makes a lot of references to death in this poem Philadelphia StoryEmergence from water as a rebirthNot just an escapist movie to get away from the DepressionEquality of consciousness between a woman and a manThere is also a struggle for a utopian freedomTo what degree does marriage and the family unit figure as a miniature of societyComedies of remarriageCentral thememarriage is subject to divorce
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