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Alan Ackerman

ENG250February 27Kristen Young Goodbye ColumbusChange in identity after World War II o More focused on ethnicityEthnicity o An ambiguous term that is continuously reinvented in contemporary America o How do ethnic writers engage with their classification o A group of people who identify with each other based on a common heritageancestry o The concept of ethnicity differs from but is closely related to race think about those tensions which thinks about grouping people who were biologically different Ethnicity also encompasses cultural factors It raises questions about us vs them old me vs new mePhilip Roth offers a new way to look at these categories and distinctions Hes writing right before the civil rights movement starts in America Raises the idea that there is something similar between the blacks and the Jews It points out that even though there isnt actually anything physically similar they are similar in terms of their being distinct from othersThe talk about ethnicity goes hand in hand with the American character How does the selfmademan interact with this ethnic identityMembers of an ethnic group is marked by selfidentification and being defined by others as that as well There is no single type of American identity They are defined by their language and place of origin Being American can be defined by temporal terms Being an American is not something inherited so much as something to be achievedPerry Miller There is a sort of symbolic kinship not a blood relation between Americans There doesnt necessarily have to be a cultural aspect either The frontier can be considered the melting pot according to Turner the frontier is what transformed the Europeans into Americans Aboriginal literature has become an ethnic sort of literature because they are cons
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