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All of the Green Grass Running Water novel notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Mc Gill

22:24 September 16 2010 Themes ~characters that make mistakes and try to fix things The difference is between those who know the consequences and those who dont. ~Patterns of hierarchy and dominance stem from conceptions through people and stories a tale, the idea of story telling and its influence ~stories that claim for themselves a sort of truth: novel conflict Thomas King explores what happens if you spin the truth another way, and what happens if you stop believing the Truth Thomas King: The author Born of a Cherokee father and a German mother in Cndifornia. Went to the University of Minnesota and teaches at Guelph, GGRW is his 2 novel Layers of the story Coyote and the narrator tell the story 4 Indians: Robinson Crusoe, Ishmael, Lone Ranger and Hawkeye First Woman, Changing Woman, Thought Woman: Creation stories Babo, Sergeant Cereno, Dr. Hovaugh Alberta, Lionel Red Dog and Charlie Looking Bear Eli Stands Alone, Sifton, Karen, Norma Why is there such a concern with beginnings? Creation Stories: symbolize importance of beginnings: political meaning, I.e. who first? Origins of the story, what stories are the seeds of modern thinking? Communal beginnings, going back to the beginning to fix what went wrong Starting Over: mistakes cannot be undone Ex. Adam and Eve: their fault, original sin But you can go back to where it start, understand mistake and learn from it in the future GGRW Explores how certain texts have been given priority over others Unifies told and untold aspects. Aka genesis story + aboriginal trickster First page st Precedence: one beginning that has priority, 1 is the best idea theory Coyote is there before God, upsetting preconceptions No competition, both Christian God and Aboriginals Coyote were there first -combination First Word: So. Before the biblical genesis beginning therefore undermining its significance Displacement of logic Oral audience, an attention grabber Two types of stories, oral performance and written text Dream symbolizes God: depicted with no manners, as silly (Dog spelled backwards is God) Silliness is used to level the playing field Is King staking the deck against one particular story? www.notesolution.comPage Nine Emphasis on audience Reminders that mistakes have been made in the past: skeptic of single stories, single tellers and worry about making mistake: highlights importance of stories Premise: that any one story will always have mistakes therefore tell more stories Thomas King: There is a story I know about earth and about how it floats on the back of a turtle In all the tellings the world never leaves the back of the turtle What was bellow the turtle? Another turtle Responsive and playful = no Truth Joseph Hovaugh: Jehovah. Solitary, order giving character. Focused on the written text (not oral tradition) and that patterns in the text indicate Truth I.e. the book allusion to the bible College suggests that he is cherry picking his facts Introverted focus vs. mind your relations (community) Sergeant Cereno Hears only what he wants to hear Ex. Conversation with Babo, doesnt care for her take on stories Racial prejudice: calls Babo Aunt Jemima, a derogatory term for African-American. Race matters most to people who believe in hierarchy Interested in knowing everythinglike Godskeptic and omniscient Page Forty Nine Creation stories: earth diver aboriginal stories, different versions across North America GGRW marries biblical and aboriginal religions together Ahdam Prerogative: Ahdam doesnt care that the animals know what they arehe strives to achieve a hierarchy. Ahdam lens: exploitable resources in the future, living beings as objects Ah-damn: allusion to damn, ironic, being ascribed set role tha might subordinate someone. Metaphorical Naming: the idea that one name is better than the other, is something better than what it already is. Ahdam as anthropocentrichuman based world, dominion over other creatures Page Forty Seven Myth of the vanishing Indian: that colonization would wipe out the less civilized indigenous people GGRW refutes that Successful Indians, Alberta as Prof, Lionel as TV seller, Eli as Prof, Charlie as lawyer etc. Not telling the story in a linear progression with foreseeable end, instead it is complex and repeating Move to bring together cultural narratives, that even Aboriginal tales are adaptable and re- invigorated September 21 2010 Today
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