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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Mc Gill

22:27 October 14, 2010 Today: Lampman The City at the End of Things Industrialization and Apocalypse Prophetic movement, 3 people left, no inter-relationality Biblical allusion: city built out of pride, tower of Babylon God makes everyone speak a different languagedisintegrated communication, dehumanized landscape, city of things not people The place is unknown Repeated phrase of face to face , carved idols, no subjectivity Artifice of the city: poem that wants to be the antithesis of the city That us lived in an organic, natural world Details applied to art: stalking shadows reechoing reproductions of things Literature in the poem is mimesis Mimesis: the representation (imitationreflection) of the worldreality. Organic vs. mechanical City as the work of men, emerged from their vision but also the poets representation one against the other Parallel: idiot at the gate with his deathless stare The speakers solitary vision Reader and poet are each solitary despite the poems need for inter-relationality Complication: rethinking any simple note of artifice Why is God capitalized, in poem Time Death and Idiot Idiot: what he might represent universally, embodiment and ethos At the Long Sault May 1660 The Epyllion Epic in everything but length Epic: tradition use in national epic, a nations origins, creation story Definition: a long narrative told in a formal, elevated style, and relating the story of a hero on whom the fate of the people depends. Challenge: to give Canada a united story Epic usually focus on battles Starts medias res (i.e. in the middle of things) Epic simile: extended metaphor Ex. tired bull moose pg. 248 Why do deer resonant? Garrison mentality: Moodie natural environment vs. Lampman aboriginals Moments of failure: Lampman has chosen for his hero to be a martyr, who dies and ultimately fails The bad guys: aboriginals win dehumanized as animals, savage Problematic text, elides aboriginal people with bad guys when they were originally with Daulac too, falsifies history Uneven meter Move from battle into the village, third last stanza begins with ordered meter = ordered civilization Mimics passing of the centuries Lullaby: soothing, everything is ordered and okay Embodies European form
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