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Anthology notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Mc Gill

22:27 October 28, 2010 Duncan Campbell Scott The Onondaga Madonna Watkwenies The Battle of Lundys Lane Jessie Georgina Sime Munitions! In-class essay Duncan Scoot known for implementing the Indian Act Sonnets from 1928, the first two, the last 20 years later Certain sympathy and structure, racial past, tribal and violent, women represented as subdued, passive in the contemporary. Familiar stereotypesnoble savage. Proud but primitive. Solitaryno interaction with others. Suffering silentlyfull throated, lips, whoops from the reservation but no speech from her. Doomed Indianprocesses of vanishing is going to happen through interracial breeding. The Onondaga Madonna Parody of Christian symbolMary and Jesus Jesus as a savior, symbol of redemption but in the poem it is flipped to bring doomed Irony that the baby is also completely pagan not Christian Comparing the mother stained by past relationship, to Mary who had an immaculate conception Simply in the fact that the baby is paler than his mother active by being 2 white men Father of child: interracial relations, this is what is spelling the doom of the aboriginal people. Intent is to suggest the relationship but that the consequence of it is isolation. Put apart because of their relation un-belonging, are not apart of either race. Textualization: isolated from other people and each other. The baby seem as almost parasitic. Speaker: white because he trades in all of these stereotypes. Man because of the gaze used to view the woman. Sexually objectifying. White male desire: of the father to create the child, but of the narrator. Cultural hybridity: a cultural identity that is dynamic, interstitial, and synthetic, not fixed or discrete, and that draws on multiple traditions. Homi Bhabha, The Location of Culture Title: recognition of the two languages, possible mixing of the two languages, linguistic hybridity Frowning upon racial hybridity. At the same time the poem itself becomes a hybrid thing. Baby is almost antagonistic to the mother Almost a civil war the baby as antagonistictreacherous half-breedstereotypenames for them are still rooted in classification, somehow physically divided. Sense of division in the 19 century feed into that ideal, their loyalties would be divided. Racism: the belief that certain races are inferior or superior to others in some respect: practices expressing this belief Racialism: the belief that groups of human beings belong to distinct races, practices expressing this belief Racial determinism: the belief that ones race inherently and inevitably contributes to shaping ones identiy Wyrdattention to the future fate of the Iroquois
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