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Robert Mc Gill

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22:25 September 30 2010 Ben Franklins diary Introduction to exploration and survival narratives Franklins and Richardsons narratives Masculine Virtue and Bodily suffering Cannibalism and Scandal Legalistic discourse and the Gothic Portions of Scripture Audience? What position does it take with the audience? Irony: Linda Hutcheon Can Lit is distinguished by irony Master narrative: are they a part of it? Eurocentrism The belief that European society is the benchmark of civilization by which other societies are judged. Eurocentrism literature: areas where they contradict themselves As they text takes part in the ideology how it translated into Canadian? Ideals didnt hold true when displaced in Canada adaption How persistent its, refuse to see otherwise: imposing a view on the world Written document ensures European claim Early Canadian Lit Exploration narratives Both authors are British with only an experience in Canada appealing to a British audience Not marked by triumph but disappointment and tragedy, explorers mistakes Not meant to be literary but factual accounts, commercial and colonial use Whole new notion of new world, the North Follows conventions of survival narratives: fiction and nonfiction Robinson Crusoe linked with Franklin diaries. Crusoe makes a new civilization in a new place 1606 La Theatre de Neptune by Marc Lescarbot preformed in Port Royal, Acadia (Nova Scotia) 1769 The History of Emily Montague by Frances Brooke published in the UK, romance set in Canada, sympathetic and stereotypical attitude towards aboriginals Ben Franklins narrative Goes from exploration narrative to survival narrative Part of the appeal is the newness, exoticism of the north Little description of the landscape to leave space for expectations Foregrounds the interaction between landscape and human body Move through it, malnourished by it, hunt in it the selfhood these bodies are able to maintain, limitations Rugged body suitable to living in foreign landsshowcasing the virility of the British male body, its strength Testament to endurance of the body and the bodies feeblenessstarved, deteriorated. The integrality of the human body comes into question Ben Franklins return He was celebrated, the man who ate his boots Paradox, the men he pores on the mens suffering more patheticmore sympathy Always drawing attention to the suffering, maybe some condolences
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