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Susanna Moodie and Margaret Atwood

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Robert Mc Gill

22:26 Susanna Moodie Roughing it in the Bush Settler-invader society and literary culture in Upper Canada Introduction to the third edition establishing ethos A visit to Grosse Isle Views od Landscape and class Uncle Joe and his family Americans, feminism, ad autobiography Colonialism: by inhabiting the open spaces in the earth? Reluctant immigrant: matter of necessity not of choice Lasted seven years in the busy before moving to Belleville Moodie was literate before she ever got to Canada, first at 19. Started to create literary culture in Upper Canada, very non-literary community, hard to get books. U of T wasnt founded until 1887. Started Victoria Magazine. Published sketches from life in the bush and published them later in Roughing it in the Bush. Published in Britain vs. Canada, maybe New York. Not published till 1852. First Paragraph Hierarchy of immigration: lower classes only Ethos of emotions: angry, bitter, etc. Prejudice and close mindedness Implying that Canada is beneath her Literary stylistic difference: passionate, imagistic, syntactically difficult No reference to herself in the first seven paragraphs of introductions Disingenuous removed tone Gender anxiety, no introduction to women bettering his condition more impersonal, authoritative voice, navigating tricky space ideologically, to speak with experience but to maintain identity as a woman. Decorum: literary decorum, style suitable to ones subject matter Franklin= scientific Moodie= argument, outrage at duping immigrants th October 7 2010 Roughing it in the Bush finale The Garrison Mentality Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer Excerpts from The Journals of Susanna Moodie The Age of Lead Meditated History Genre and Camp Death and Unknown Roughing it in the Bush pg. 133, third line from the last end of paragraph. Is God just to his creatures? Brian Still Hunter
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