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Emily of New Moon

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Robert Mc Gill

23:56 October 21, 2010 Fairies cont The bildungsroman and child development Didactic literature The Kunstlerromen Patriarchy and Gender Relations Taboo Subjects and Language Are you there, God? Its me, Emily. Fairies Childhoods special sphere of innocence and imagination allowed them to experience magical realms Adults wish to return to that place but cannot Dean Priest keen to talk fairies but also there is a border between them that cannot be breach *Crisis of Borders: respected adulthood and childhood; deceit, hypocrisy and death sexual knowledge betrayal: Rhoda Stewart throws her over for another girl that phase was over Emily Emilys belief in fairies; since she was eight she has not believed in present day fairies Emilys relationship to the land pg. 6 Locality, white clover etc. Romanticism regional idyll, nationalism big brown mushroom house Notion of Emily growing out of the land Bildungsroman Protagonists growth and development, usually from childhood sometimes in adulthood Child going away from home Dwells on sexual coming of age Like childrens literature although it omits sexual relations and taboo adult-like knowledge Emilys sexual knowledge such as she gains is very limited Poison apple, the cliff and feverish at the end a) Poison apple: look back on writing with new critic, perspective throws out old letters to Fatherdifferent points of maturity for her critical distance Less judgmentalcritical distance second judgments, revised view points Starts to censor herself more articulation, decorous Respect for tradition, more than conformation, questions why people appreciate traditions Candles in New Moon What is means to be a child? main question of novel How Emily should develop, parenting techniques Here is what it is like to be a child, material that is appropriate for children Ex. Sexual education in elementary schools in Ont. Canceled Two different children: Emily and applied reader How is this novel attempting to relate to its applied readers How might it even be protecting its implied readers Aunt Elizabeth wants Emily to be educated properly What is a proper education?
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