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Short Fiction

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Mc Gill

23:56 February 15, 2011 Purple Paper creative writing ficton and poetry [email protected] -- March 2 nd deadline Queen of the North Eden Robinson grew up on a reserve in BC 1968 Dolly Pator and Edgar Allan Poe (literary influences and Stephen King) gritty disturbing fictions University of British Columbia in Vancouver Only one of the stories is about First Nations slotted into the box of a native writer valid dichotomy? Tradition or pop culture? Do these references represents the vitality or destruction of aboriginal culture is it monolithic and unchanging? Objectivication, abuse .. etc? Karoke women and first nations Ambiguity and indirect discourse Black humor Queen of the North from Track Lines 1996 Queen of The North is germ of the novel Monkey Beach Retells many of scenes by Michelle (the sister) Trap Lines does not focus on native does look at cycle of abuse of the native school systems identifies herself as native not until 23 through the story Barbie, Seasme St, Americas Funniest Home Videos, nick names Pepsi and Cola enacts the process of colonization? critics Pepsi critiques pg. 216 family for watching Star Wars cultural populum switches the channel to world wrestling todays commercialized society has .. a more authentic society GGRW not real Indians because they drive cars etc native culture as static and leads to stereotypes vanishing Indians Culture Hybridity: definition Pauline Johnson and Cry from an Indian Wife Controversial term suggests too pure a separate two cultures becoming exactly half and half does it mask assimulation? Pop Culture here as native adaptation interactive relationship between culture and envirnment Sings of vitality Author writes about Pop Culture because is entertains her Pg 1218 what are we making..? middle of the page Latisha and this one profiting from saying the food is dog meat etc.. bullshit takes energy man is already staring at her sexual objectify Are you Indian then? bullshit is work rude and politically incorrect she is Heyse And you? insisting on reciprocity but he ignores it and asks another inane question he fails to recognize that he is othering herpower and money to bribe her to talk to him (keeps slapping money on the table until she will make more) Uncle Joshua uses gifts and money to control her too Pg. 1219 she caves because of pragmatism she gives all the money to Cousin Ronny for a party and gives this money to charity Contrast between what she thinks and how she acts The dish is so exotic that he doesnt know how to eat it she contains to resist his othering
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