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Vikki Visvis

Lecture Nov. 26: Alice Munroe -Social structure the way that she’s moved up social scale, and she saw both lives (rich and poor) brings a kind of realism -she’s kind of embarrassed of her social status -childhood elementary school in Lower Town school: violence, bad memories, low-budgeted school -Out house- a sign where grotesque objects are found (p. 26) very gothic description, something under the glass where you should find precious jewels but instead you find excrements -childhood a place of nostalgia but for Munroe it was far from idyllic pg 27. -“justice and cleaniness innocent notions are over” -pictures of birds (p. 33) Red head wood peaker, captivated and lovely the birds represent pure, child like innocence innocence which Rose did not get in her harsh school. -proximity to the pictures -she lost innocent notions -her school disallows her to enter that state of innocence the birds are high up in the classroom innocence (which is represented by birds is out of reach -she has knowledge now. She knows what it means to be innocent, and she knows what it means to be not innocent—her innocence is over for her now, she knows too much. pg27. -Frenny gets abused by her brother -emotoinally overwhelming -use of repetition on pg. 29, shows it doesn’t even hurt Frenny anymore. It’s hhapened so many times, she does not even care anymore. -Rose doesn’t get disgusted by this, she’s actually interested and curious -Rose= intellectual detachment -she doesn’t get disgusted by the grotesque, she’s actually interested -School of Hradknox if you don’t toughen up, you will end up a victim. -Emotionally detached. -Rose toughens up -Her mother managed to get her into a more prosperous school -going from poor school to a more gentile school -see’s the social hierarchy -Pg. 42 “she tried badly to attach herself to the people of her town…” -improvished beginnings to cleaning up her act -She uses her stories of being poor as entertainment, “I know you want to be poor, these are the stories I have…” -She knows what it means to be poor, butilding of character -She knows what it means to be desstitude, to have to fight for everything you have -social distinction -Munroe realizes she has to work for her money to go to university -she goes to Rosedale (really wealthy) and takes up the job of a maid -she knows the extremes of both classes, rich and poor -inspiration for writing her extreme social distinction -working class marked discomfort with her class. pg 72: “to go back there is to go back to drude light..” this light has figurative cannotations seeing the light in the rosedale house, she see’s the poverty of her house. She’s see’s what clean and civilized nature is like  the wealthy professors home is what gives her a point of comparison -Rose doesn’t want to work in the cafeteria -kind of a snob -she’s in uni as a scholarship student, doesn’t want to work in café -rose wears “dramtically sexual, advertising clothes” -James Munroe: she marries him, married to him and he’s rich, so she’s able to change her social class -james and alice’s relationship is like rose and patrick’s raltionship james and Patrick both followed what their fathers did for a living and alice and rose are both artists in some way -munroe is just drawing from elements of her life -role playing -Vancouver people will slap down your ambition, you have to hide your ambition, or people will bring you down -she wants to be a writer, but she won’t tell people because she doesn’t want them to bring her ambition down -Alice suffers from high ambition -Pg: “her need for flaunting her high ambiton” -her father can see through her, but her community bought her act -her husband belives in her writing, she said she wouldn’t marry a man that didn’t. She will let a man dominate her in anything else except her career. -but she concels her writing from other women ---------------------------------------------------------AFTER BREAK--------------------------------------------------------------- -“My jail is with other women showing up for coffee…I lived a double life…” -It would have been very odd for a mother to have ambitions to write. She lied to people and said that she sat at home and knitted. -she doesn’t have time ot write, she writes short stories, she’s a full itme mother -she’s careful about what she tells people -wouldn’t tell Flo what was in the school (p. 27) -Rose’s need to conceal allows her to disguise herself -Rose can adopt disguises -Rose has power to conceal and deceit -The fact that she saw and realizes both worlds (rich and poor), and she wants people to perceive her as coming from a higher social class this gives her social adaptation skills she’s a social performer she deceives the people around her and herself also. -When her step mother needs to go to an old home, Munroe instead brings her to he
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