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Lecture 3

Collected Works of Billy the Kid - Lecture 3 The third lecture of the Collected Works of Billy the Kid.

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Robert Mc Gill

February 1, 2011  Post modern aspects of the book  Historiagraphic metafiction o Comments upon historiography  Materials ambiguous to the written text  Gives contradictory stories – imagination in telling history  History never transparent  Interest in sex and violence  Body as an organism has feeling of violence and vulnerability o Billy turns away  Angles of room – like a photographer  Pat tries to control the body and punish it o Associated with discipline Pat Garrett as “Sane Assassin”  Rational and study things  Rationality has no value to it o No sense of ethics or values  Why hes a real assassin o Pg 27 – “sane assassin”  Text suggesting that he is insane  Rationality is a cornor stone of being sane  However, so rational so now he is insane  Him and billy both violent  Whip symbolizes billy moving in and back of time o Going back and forth between two subjectivities  Page 54 o Billy usually avoids talking about his death, sometimes flashes of the view of his death  “AMATEUR!”  taunt o Pat less disciplined than billy o Word comes from word lover  Bodily intimacy – violence and intimacy opposed  Always a danger and chaos making ones body vulnerable to another Billy and Time  Billy avoiding body and time o To avoid time is to avoid the time of his own death  Other characters go to a straight line towards their death,  Billy keeps avoiding the time o When hes burnt in the house  Page 32 – last part of full paragraph  “I sat there…moon tak
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