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Vikki Visvis

ENG252Y1LECTURE NOTESM Atwoods Alias GraceMonday March 17 20141004 AMMarch 17 2014March 24 2014March 31 2014 Historiographic metafictionThe murders are based on true eventsThere are gaps we dont know if Grace actually participated in the murders and so Atwood fills in the gapsDoes not represent history as something that just happensHistory and fiction are both narrative and lyrical discourse both are constructs Grace is the narrator of her own storyDraws attention to the processes of writing historyEach epigraph show the awareness of the process show that the novel will be an combination of both history and poetry Grace is aware that her story is fabricatedShe reveals that shes negotiating the story with her intended audience in mindShe is a narrator that knows how to narrate she knows how to conceal and reveal via rhetorics Her guilt or innocence is not really givenIts not about discovering the truth for Grace its about making the story to the audience Simons likingstories are meant to satisfy the readers More about making up the truth for satisfactionThe only truth we have is that shes making up the truth deliberatelyPage 4344oWill not give Simon the narrative he obliges
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