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thENG252 JPOD February 28 2012The MLA International BibliographyThe Prospect of ObsolescenceThe books interest in obsolescenceIt is itself a sort of 20 of his earlier book MicroserfsSense that were living in a very rapidly changing worldTechnological change is driving over kinds of change in the world leading to ramifications in other parts of lifeThroughout the world we see interest in the changes of global economics social relations personal identity aesthetics and art and how story telling happensWays of seeing the world might become obsolete certain kinds of values might become obsolete certain modes of storytelling might become obsoleteTheres an early point in JPOD when Kaitlin accuses her podmates of their technological expertise becoming obsolete as well as cultural aestheticsJPOD and Canadian LiteratureHas never actually won a major Canadian literature awardCanLit is when the Canadian government pays you money to write about life in small towns andor the immigration experienceDouglas Coupland 2006Hes writing about the global rather than the regional the cosmopolitan rather than the migrantNativism vs Cosmopolitanism o AJM Smith a nativist was on the side of cosmopolitanism o We worried that Canadian lit
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