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Sundhya Walther

Introduction 5142013 30300 PM What is theoryContext and analysisA theory must be more than a hypothesis it cant be obvious it involves complex relations of a systematic kind among a number of factors and it is not easily confirmed or disproved Jonathan Culler Literary Theory A Very Short Introduction 23Theory is often a pugnacious critique of commonsense notions and further an attempt to show that what we take for granted as common sense is in fact a historical construction a particular theory that has come to seem so natural to us that we dont even see it as a theory As a critique of common sense and exploration of alternative conceptions theory involves a questioning of the most basic premises or assumptions of literary study the unsettling of anything that might have been taken for granted what is meaning What is an author What is it to read What is the T or subject who writes reads or acts How do texts relate to the circumstances in which they are produced Why dont some people like theoryspecialized languageelitist or pretentiousWhy should we read theory anywayJillian Michaels comfortable with getting uncomfortableActively engage Look at our believes closely and ask questionsWhat does theory have to do with literatureLiterary criticism Analysis of a literary work Critical theory Analysis of modes of analysis that can apply to literature and to many other fields Reading actively rather than passivelyDo the work of interpretationTheory is picking apart ambiguity Some interpretations are stronger endless interpretations Theory opens potential rather than closes themJAWSterror of water TheoreticalMarxist sold to mystification supernatural evil at work and the capitalist is workingFeminist young woman sex punished for sex Psychoanalytic ultimate destructive force amity consensus function as super evil trying to regulate us Phallic imagery Shark is the bad fatherQueer Theory Brody is afraid of water walk on the beach not getting near the water deep seeded fear Remasculinizes when he gets into the water to defeat the sharkEcocritical relationships with nature human relationship with nature is antagonisticContext of the course Sigmund Freud 18561939 Karl Marx 18181883 Albert Einstein Charles DarwinChanged the idea of what it means to be humanWriting at great upheaval James Joyce Finnegans WakeConditions of rising modernity Classical Theory Plato Moral reject poets Aristotle poetry is better at communicating universal truth creative rather than passiveTerms to remember Logos human language is related to logos gods transcendentHumanism human experience more so than the divine world secularismThe subject human subject humanist subject Individual who possesses unique consciousness and enter to different relationships History of racial thdiscrimination and patriarchy white male Late 18 century romanticism emotion rather than reason power of creative individual emotion is transcendentThe sublime transcendent thing Greatness beyond measure Relationship with the divine overwhelming grand scene of nature True and transparent3 goals for the courseIntroduce to major schools of theoryRead theory as the text the way you do literary work Suggest possible meanings appreciate and analyze language formal elements structure imagery diction Write analysis clearlyBegin to understand theory shapes literature and cultureThemes of the CourseChallengeLanguage and writing Use language in deliberate ways to reflect theoretical concerns polemic simple complicated Notice writing style Exposing assumptions that underlay things and conditions Destabilize Challenge authority major structures of believe and relationships Change interpretations Animal TheoryMachines no consciousness variations havent changed that much Australian question this definition of ethics Instead ability to feel pain and suffering to define Movement explore and redefine what human and animal
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