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Chris Warley

ENG280October 19Kristen YoungBrooks was about close reading to find the paradoxes Auerbach was about closereading to understand the styleoBoth obsessed with how things are written not what or why it says what it sayso Auerbach looks at cultural reflections Brooks tries really hard to separate artfrom the worldThe WellWrought Urn is supposed to be sealed off from the worldHow things mean vs what they meanAuerbach always wants to get to historyoWants to break the boundary between art and historyoUse art to get to historyAuerbach is trying to get to the outside of the poem by looking closely at the insideBrooksKant AuerbachHegel as their foundersThere is a gap between what we see and what is realityCould interpret mimesis as a manifestation of realityTo Auerbach there is no difference between art and historyoStyle offers a more fundamental truth of history The aim of literary criticism is to answer what does literature have to do with ourworldoJudge art to figure out the worldoLiterary criticism then in a sense is always doing historyLooks at the implications of the 2 styles on 1037KJV is the mo
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