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Chris Warley

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ENG280October 24Kristen Young The only actual plot in the passage is the measuring of the stockingThere is a hell of a lot of other shit thats all exterior to thatFirst thing is on p 530oSounds like the object he is paraphrasing whyoWhy is he paraphrasing in the first placeDoesnt sound like Auerbach until page 531oQuestions who is describing the sadnessIs it the narrator Or the authorThe narratorauthor doesnt seem to know whats going on Woolf has a lack of knowledge about her characters and the situationsfeelings thatthey haveoSeems like Woolf is just as confused as the readeroNot an objective statement the narratorauthor is not omniscientVerges on a realm of realityThe author is supposed to present reality for us but instead they verge on realityoThe authornarrator cannot come in and explain what is going onAuerbach is as confused as we are about the personage speaking the passageoHes unsure of why the narrator is not omniscientParenthesis is the current passage but we move beyond reality through all theseexternal tidbitsAuerbach is describing in a clear way what happensoHasnt presented an argument yet The plot itself is basically nothing the extras take u
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