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Chris Warley

ENG280September 19Kristen Young Matthew ArnoldTheres a suspicion that the world is no longer the same place that it was for Milton as it isfor Lane therefore the description of narrative is because of the timesoJohnson says nature doesnt changeoLane says nature is no longer unchanging reflects the change in the worldMatthew Arnold marks the change between Johnson and LaneoInstigates and reflects the changeoWas born to be an academicEverything becomes the object of criticismoDescribe everythingoArnold expands and enlarges the boundariesCan now find the truth of anythingoDoing this finding truth allows you to be a critic Great art is dependent not only on the artist but also the time and the ageo Arnold is saying that the circumstances make the poem as much maybe even morethan the artistconditions shape the production of art and the quality of artGreat artconditionmanmomentCritical power is more in control than the creative power Critical power makes the conditionscircumstances that the creative powers can flourishinoOrigin of poetic genius is the criticCriticism is supposed to see the object as in itself it really is
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