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Chris Warley

ENG280September 28Kristen Young Meaning of WellWrought Urn oThere is one more factor halfacre tomb 17o The poem is an instance of the doctrine which it asserts it isboth theassertion and the realization of the assertion 17oThe poem does what it says it is going to doPoem says we will be canonized for our loveoCanonized in verse in the pretty rooms of sonnetsThe poem says we need an urn and the poem is the urn that it says is needed The poem itself is the canonization it is both saying we need an urn canonizationthrough verses and being the urn because it does canonize through verse the poem itself is the wellwrought urn which can hold the lovers ashes and whichwill not suffer in comparison with the princes halfacre tomb 17Brooks teaches us how to read poetryartwritingoAsk Does this thing do what it says its going to dooIs that known through the language of paradoxo There are always paradoxes look for them the poem does what it says itssupposed to do it will do it through the language of paradoxUnderlying thing that Brooks assumesall poems make senseFor us today and the contradictory 18 People dont like Brooks because he had the assumption
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