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University of Toronto St. George
Chris Warley

ENG280November 14Kristen Young Bluntness makes her distractingAttention is directly on the text Cleanth BrooksThere isnt any discussion of the author himself but really is focused solely on the textWants to make an argument about the history of sexualityo In the end shes not interested in Shakespeares sonnet shes just using it toprove her pointHas another thing in mind when shes writingoFeminism at a broad thematic level Appears to be a new critic except that she looks at the history as well or at least alsoincludes it to some degree in her writing The fact that the literature had nothing to do with the world around it is what madeCleanth Brooks write about itoIt transcended history in that sense Sedgwicks focus wasnt the transcendence of the object but she uses the samemethod Brooks is pulling the wool over your eyes through the transcending thing becauselooking for a universal conceals the biasprejudiceoConcealing of their own nonuniversal interests of the white male bourgeois o Therefore must get out of the Well Wrought Urn because it is really just codefor the AngloWorldPart of the feminist argument is that the Well Wrought Urn needs to disappearo To subordinate yourself to t
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