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ENG280November 23Kristen Young The detective has to understand the scene as a wholeoThe criminal tries to dissuade him by placing things that dont fit the cluesoWhen the detective finds these things then they solve the crime Because signs only mean things in relation to other signs you have to read them inrelation to one another in order for them to make sense Theres no relation between the thing that a sign means and the word that youreusingo It really only has a meaning in relation to other signs for things that dont have arelation with the thing that they mean What the detective is eventually reading is the production of the synthesis of thesignsoObjectiveHow is the meaning made through the relation of these thingsThe detectives method is like what Culler does to Brookso The crime scene is the wellwrought urn and you have to take in the scene as awhole and then look past it to get the real meaningSelfreference makes self Impossibleo As the scene refers to itself the effort for the scene to have meaning is what isbrought forth The detective has to discover why the scene is supposed to have meaning not whatthe meaning isoA crime scene in this sense is always deceptive Can push this further and s
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