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Chris Warley

ENG280November 9Kristen YoungThinking about New Criticism Cleanth Brooks as the dominant mode of EnglishdepartmentsoWhy is that the case After life of N CPage 157158 she describes the 4 major things about new criticismo No longer about language but about literature o Literature still uses linguistic techniques that create difficulty and density that makes meaning problematicExamplesmodes of representation have different time effects the poem as a wellwrought urn not interested in what they mean but how they mean o The skill we teach and practice is criticism 4 Criticism is not about judging works but about the elucidation of literary techniques Criticismthe study of techniqueo Thats why we have requirements so that we can study the changes and growth of techniqueIn the second half of the essay she starts to address the issue of contentIn the 70s90s there was a reaction against new criticismGallagher gives the 2 overarching reactions to N CoTheoryPaul de ManImporting fancy European theories about linguistics social constructionImagined that Ne
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