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University of Toronto St. George
Clare Hasenkampf

Nov 16 Secondary sources; need about 3 per subtopic o One source per page Dont get so focused on secondary sources o Want your opinion Exam official information will be for next week o 4 parts o First corresponds to electronic exercises mc on basic language concepts (words, sounds, grammar - textbook and especially upcoming e-xercises) o Some short-answer questions on specific linguistic variants (honour or honor) o Some on creative use of language (dude in Bud Lite ad) o Mini-essay question that youll get ahead of time and can be answered from the textbook and your course notes Will be given topic ahead of time Later will get official information for exam Class for today from chapter 11 Language Variation AND Identity o Whether language reflects who we are o Or whether language constructs identity in a more flexible way Does it reflect or construct who we are? Language variation in 19th C o Meant regional usually o Areas red on map Lines between colours called isoglosses= mark where rural dialects were rhotic in the 1950s Why did linguistic study rural dialects at that point o Rural dialects tend to be more conservative o Non-mobile older rural male Likely not effected by changing trends Dont experience dialect leveling Interest in purity of language o Origins of nation A historical digression Methods of first dialectologists o First method had many subjects, but all from similar class, education o Second had less data o But first has exposure and awareness of rural dialects o Second method more candid, shows more natural speech patterns
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