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Adam Hammond

September 19, 2012 The Medium and the Message - It doesn’t matter so much what is on the record, the importance is the technology of the record that is the key to the experience of music o Keith Richards - The difference today is that it’s accessible – you can have it when you want it, wherever you want it, and however many times you want it - More people have access to it and more people can produce it and therefore society was changed Page 8 – the medium is the message translated into writing “Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.” Why Ignore Content? - The content of the medium is never the message because the content is always the old medium o A new medium, internet, displays old media – TV, music, writing – presented in a new way The big split: print vs. “electronic media” - (44) The alphabet is a bunch of things that are meaningless that need to be strung together in a line – mean nothing on their own - Rationality/reason is a result of the alphabet - (50) Print created the individual – the alphabet stated it - print continued it o The invention of the alphabet allowed people to do things in isolation o Printing allows you to read things by yourself for the first time - (145) Oneness - (125) Television is the end of history – the alphabet was the beginning o Saying television takes all of your attention and involvement o Not the same experience as we have today! – Does not “demand participation and involvement in depth of the whole being.” - Everyone we spoke about in the first class Nicholas Carr, Clay Skirky, etc agrees with McLuhan that the medium is the message Politics and electronic media - (16) Global village argument o The borders are dissolving thanks to the internet o Pirated material – throwing away copyright laws and what not o You can be aware of whats going on in the world around you and you can influence what is going on around you - (22) Electronic allows people to be active participants but they are being given old content o Because the lines of communication are no longer under the censorship of authorities, every can conspire o More people are active in politics, as well as other areas, thanks to the internet o Becaus
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