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Digital Text Lecture - Bodyworld

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Adam Hammond

st Digital Text Lecture – October 31 , 2012 Body World (Webcomic) How a printed novel is usually brought into the world: - Composition: The book is made - Submission: It’s submitted to a publishing company - Acceptance: The company says they are willing to publish it - Editing: The company goes over and edits the work - Print and Process: The book is mass printed in factories - Publication: The book is officially published - Distribution: The published book is distributed to stores - Marketing: The book is advertised - Review: The book is critiqued by its readers. (*) Stages in which the author has control over his own work - Many authors lament and hate the publishing procedure - Virginia Woolf published and distributed all her own works to avoid this procedure - We can’t do that today anymore because nobody would ever hear of us/we’d never get noticed - The author of Body World spoke of how he originally intended his comic to be published on paper, but did it online instead. (Full Colour Comics are VERY EXPENSIVE and a serious investment on the part of the publisher.) Although after its popularity he was later able to publish. His comic is also wicked weird and I doubt any publisher would be willing to take it. - Born-Digital Fiction: Fiction begins distribution on the web and that is distributed digitally - What is so appealing about Born-Digital Fiction? (EG: Webcomics) - Synopsis: In present, or the very recent past, Paulie, the main character, smokes a plant he finds that gives him telepathic abilities.
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