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Lecture 5

Lecture five: Oct 10.docx

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Adam Hammond

October 10, 2012 The Universal Library, Pro and Con Keywords – Raymond Williams - Attempting to write the Keywords of Modernism o Its about debate and controversies of particular words Keywords Key Questions: - How did the ‘analog’ method of research affect the content of the ‘advertising’ entry? – (not researched online) o Very much English professor written o Filled with the things that happen to be interesting to them or happen to be well known in their field of study - How did the “digital” method of research affect the content of the “modernism” entry? o References are obscure – wont know as many references are before o Variety of sources o “Bottom-up” vs. “Top-down” - Google books Ngram View o o Tells you how often the word was used over time o Able to compare words as well o Issues:  OCR  Metadata Modernism … is a mental blight which can affect the whole intelligence of the time – T.S. Eliot - It was a religious heresy before it was a literary movement Other sources: Project Gutenberg Australia – U of T libraries – JSTOR EBSCO – subscription provider for journals and libraries worldwide Internet Archive – From the specific to the general: The Universal Library - Virginia Woolf; A Room of One’s Own o Problem with libraries: some people aren’t allow to go into them o Do the sites from the beginning of the lecture fix these problems?  No, you have to pay for them now – no discrimination on sex nowadays but on who can pay for i
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