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ENG287 February 6 - The Universal Library

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University of Toronto St. George
Adam Hammond

th ENG287 – February 6 , 2013 Instructor – A. Hammond The Universal Library The main problem of a universal library is copyright laws. One of the advantages of digitized text is that you can search them by keywords. This is the most fundamental advantage of digital text instead of print. Keywords has become the most used and most efficient way to know more about something. Bakhtin suggested that truth is born between people collectively searching for truth. Thats the purpose of Hammond's co-authored book Keywords of Modernism. There is a definite different between Williams and Hammond because there wasn't a limit based on the OED and what the author knew. Keywords have made the limits way less. Digital searching makes things easier while also making them different. There's more access to different resources that wouldn't be remembered in a traditional or 'analog' type of research. The digital method allowed for a wider variety of sources and genres. Not just high culture but also popular culture. Its a bottom-up type of research as opposed to a top-down type of research. Provides most relevant texts instead of having research dictated by thoughts and memories. There's a difference between showing and telling. Williams told about the use of the word. Hammond shows it because he gives more times where the word is actually being used. Digital searching allows there to be more truth in terms of showing people actually talking and being in conversation with each other. EBSCO is a company that is in the digital publishing business purely for the money. There's a dichotomy where taxpayer money is used to fund research that can only be accessed after paying a subscription. Google Books is free for things in the public domain however, in their court case they tried to become the lone distributer of millions of books. It sparks discussion because they're a private company and therefore would be giving access purely for profit. Ngrams, connected to Google Books, gives you a gauge about specific words in specific years. Allows you to know about its use each year and can therefore know word trends. Allows us to gauge cultural phenomenons. Its based completely on Google books and you can look up the books that have the words you're searching for. Thought its useful, there are problems. OCR - optical character recognition. Its uncertain because the computer is trying to convert picture to ASCII. Metadata - when the books are being scann
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