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ENG287 March 6 - Born-Digital Fiction: The Practical Side

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University of Toronto St. George
Adam Hammond

ENG287 – March 6 , 2013 Instructor – A. Hammond Born-Digital Fiction: The Practical Side Dash Shaw’s BodyWorld Printing digital removes some of the steps that have to take place in order to have a book in print. It also keeps the writer in contact with the work for longer. With the printed process, the writer creates the work and submits it and then someone/a group of people who aren't the author take the work through the other processes. Publishing digital puts the author back in control of their work. They are a part of the work from start to finish. Reasons BodyWorld is printed online: censorship - a boldness that says 'I am publishing this myself' reasserting control over his works, BodyWorld, although set in 2060, is a book about the digital present. Theme of BodyWorld - Ch. 10, panel with Jem and the blackboard. Groupthink - negative view of the collective mind. Super organism - collective as a group is most important. More about the gains for everyone. This is positive. Both talk about the same thing but with different connotations. Grid-think. Significance of the map - bney borough is an example of group think. Its all about where you are in the map. People are just a position in society. The residents think of themselves as less than a
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